class descriptions
cirque inspired conditioning and flexibility level one

This class uses pilates equipment and free weights to improve flexibility, strength for shoulders, and partner balancing level one for a hardcore conditioning workout that prepares you for the next level! LEVEL 2 COMING SOON, AERIAL HAMMOCK !!!!!!

Thursdays from January 21 to March 3
(7 weeks $138.42)

parent and baby pilates

Parent and Baby Pilates gently re introduces tired post partum parents to joint mobility, abdominal and upper back strength and pelvic floor conditioning. Depending on their day and mood, babies nap, play or work with Mom or Dad! There's no pressure in this class, and parents may find themselves holding eachothers babies!

beginner matwork

Beginner Matwork presents clients with the opportunity for the rigorous and detailed bodywork that is the foundation for the Pilates Method. Sometimes slow and detailed, sometimes repetitive and difficult-this is where you really learn to make permanent change in your approach to fitness, posture and range of motion.

intermediate matwork

As anyone in Intermediate Mat can tell you, it takes a long time to get here. Once you understand how your body relates to the exercises, how to modify for your posture (with your teachers help) and have repeated the repertoire in class for a year or so, the Matwork gets much harder. Intermediate clients have learned that the body finds even the simplest exercises difficult when they are done correctly, once your physical “patterning” has changed. Entry into Intermediate is at your Teachers discretion for safety’s sake.

advanced matwork

Please email or call to talk!

reformer classes

Reformer Classes use the widely known and popular Stott Pilates Reformer for weighted conditioning creating long lean muscles combined with singular core strength.

ReformerRack, Machine Mix or Mat Rack classes use a mixture of the repertoire for more experienced students.

private instruction

When you are thinking about booking a private lesson, it might be useful to have given some thought to your goals, what you think might be impeding your movement quality, and how you think you like to learn.

A Private lesson is meant to give you tools and information about yourself. Many people choose to work only privately, and Pilates certainly has a strong tradition of lessons given this way. Some people take regular group classes and one or two privates a week, and others choose to take irregular privates if they have questions or concerns, or are looking to develop a workout they can do at home.

There are no rules, but it's important to remember that taking a private is very beneficial to your understanding of your physical self. It's all about you for that hour!